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Your Electrification Partner

The energy transition is the great challenge and opportunity of the next decade. But while targets have been set and the required technology is readily available, most logistics companies still struggle to put the pieces together to make meaningful progress.

With experience of over 500 depot studies and having worked with most of the large fleet operators across Europe, Decade has a unique understanding of the challenges faced in electrifying commercial urban logistics.

What’s needed is a single turnkey partner with a holistic approach, who can understand the unique requirements of each logistics operation, design and manage the optimal journey, and ensure that the final ecosystem is optimally run.

We're that partner.


Looking at your operations to develop the optimal transition plan.


Selecting the right energy and charging infrastructure.


Managing installation and negotiating your subscriptions.


Enabling smart energy consumption to optimize cost and uptime.


Keeping your system healthy, giving insights on how to improve.

Every Step of the Way

Decade understands that the key to a successful transition lies in the different components of the ecosystem working together, in line with the needs and requirements of your unique depot and operation.

While every journey begins by mapping your unique needs, we not only proceed to manage every step of the implementation, but also help to optimize your system when operational to lower costs and maximize uptime.

Built by and for pioneers in urban electric mobility

Reduced Risk,
Simplified Transition

Decade is built by a team of commercial electric vehicle pioneers who have helped fleet operators across Europe prepare for and take the leap into electric.

We’re passionate about the opportunities of electric mobility and are outcome oriented partners. Our goal is to help our customers meet their sustainability targets through a seamless transition and support them in getting the most out of their future-proofed operation.

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Head of Energy & Grid Services

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Collaboration is key in the transition to a smart energy future